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Our Gardening Team is second to none in horticulture expertise.

They are a group of dedicated professionals providing a higher level of service, with an eye for detail that cannot be matched.

Our Gardening Services include….

  • Plant Care including pruning, weeding, soil health and mulching
  • Whole Landscape Care including mow/trim and unit paver/natural stone cleaning and joint sanding
  • Flower Power! with┬áseasonal colour programs and unique container plantings
  • Naturalization or restorative native planting
  • Specialty gardens such as edible, herb, habitat or fragrance
  • Horticulture Therapy programs
  • Event speaking or workshops

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For the avid DIY gardener, we can supply

  • Plant material
  • Processed bark mulch
  • Naturalization mulch
  • Compost

You are always welcome to browse through our selection of trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials in the nursery!