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Your LANDSCAPE PROJECT starts here with our Award Winning DESIGN TEAM!

Every beautiful, functional and sustainable landscape project must begin with a PLAN.

Our approach to landscape design is to consider an holistic integration of the landscape in terms of function, aesthetic and the environment.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your project, the landscape plan is your best tool to communicate your vision, stay within your budget and get a final product accomplishes your goals.


1. Site Visit

Clear communication is the first step to good design. We begin with a site meeting where we see your property and hear your wish list. Based on this meeting and the information we receive from our Client Survey, we create a CLIENT DESIGN BRIEF outlining our assessment of your property and our general recommendations to move your project forward. You then choose your desired level of DESIGN SERVICE.

2. Conceptual Design   

Should you opt for our Award Winning Landscape Design Service, we will create a CONCEPTUAL Plan that incorporates the elements from our site assessment and your CLIENT DESIGN BRIEF. We will require a copy of your property location certificate and in the case of a new build, your foundation plan. We will review this plan together to make changes or adjustments. General fee range for service to this point starts at $450, final fee is determined relative to property and project size.

3. Landscape Plan

Your final LANDSCAPE PLAN, reflecting our review of the conceptual Plan, will be provided to you on an easy to read DynaSCAPE Drawing, typically 11″ x 17″. This drawing will include a Plant and Product List.

4. Landscape Proposal 

Upon approval of the Landscape Plan, we will generate a Project Proposal for construction. Once your landscape is built, we can provide you with a Landscape Care Package that will include required care for plants, lawns and any hardscape including unit pavers, natural stone, or any other landscape components we included in your LANDSCAPE PROJECT.